Small CX's. Ideas?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by sheetmetalpete, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I had over 100 straight run CX's from Hoover's Hatchery processed earlier this week. The were just over 8 weeks old. They were all over the board in size but the vast majority dressed out in the 3 1/2 pound range. All were very healthy and active for CX's. The inspector even commented on how clean and nice they appeared despite their size.

    I gave them chick starter for about 3 weeks then switched them to a home mix broiler grower (lionsgrip recipe). Two years ago I followed the same routine and they dressed out at about a 6 pound dressed average.

    Did I do something wrong or did I have a funky strain of CX's?
  2. Sounds like your recipe resulted in a nutrient deficiency. The internet recipes rely on static nutrient contents of the ingredients and are formulated for protein content not amino acids.
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    What would you recommend as a good source of amino acids, Lazy J?

    I like the price of milled feed, but I'm concerned about the results. I'm thinking you hit on my weak spot.
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    I'm confused. Help me out (not being sarcastic). Your saying they were a nice big healthy weight before butchering like 7 to 8 lbs but they dressed out at 3 1/2?

    Or what do you mean by over the board in size?
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    Various weights.

    You might have read 8 pounds when he said 8 weeks.

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