Small dog grabbed buff orpington pullet - need opinions


Oct 16, 2018
Hello, I am new to the forums and new to chickens. My chicks are about 10 weeks old now, so I've been referring to them as pullets (I think this is correct?). I have just begun letting them free range outside their coop, within a fenced garden. They have discovered a hole and this am, a few had made it to a wooded side yard where my mom's dog was loose. He is about a 20lb poodle mix and he grabbed a buff orpington pullet - I heard the commotion from the other side of the house and came around to find him in the act. I got the dog away and tracked the chicken down in the woods. She'd limped off into the woods and laid down.

I picked her up and extended her wing fully, aside from saliva and some feathers falling out, I saw no apparent puncture OR scratches. I then tipped her over and did the same to her leg. It extends, and contracts, and she can grip with the talons. However. When I set her back in the coop, the leg wobbles out a bit and she limps badly. She can stand, but she puts 90% of her weight on the good leg.

I set up a small dog crate with shavings, water, feed for her inside the coop where she can see the other girls and they can see her, and have her in there resting. I'm praying its just a torn or strained ligament/tendon? I also am getting her some liquid baby aspirin. Is there anything more I can do? I recognize this doesn't sound as drastic an injury, I am just very worried about her. Is it possible the hip was dislocated? If that were the case, would the talons grip? It seems more likely to be a tear or a strain? I need more experienced eyes than mine on the situation :) So please let me know your thoughts, experienced chicken keepers!
Update on my buff orpington :) Thank you for your replies!

I have been off/on successful getting the aspirin into her but today was a better try. So I'm not confident she's getting enough pain killer but I'm going to continue trying. She is feistier in personality today, standing to hop away from me when I try to gather her out of her crate. She tried to fly out of my hands at one point too. She also talked the whole time to me and the other chickens who were watching all of this. ;)

I noticed though that while she stands on both legs, she hops rather than put any weight on the bad leg. So that appears to be worse as previously as she was just limping. I also have been checking her over once a day to feel for any heat, etc. (none yet) but finally noticed a bald spot beneath a wing deep under feathers, along where the femur runs (I googled chicken anatomy to see if I could figure out what looked closest to area, I could be wrong). I felt around and tried to get as clear a look as possible - no dried blood, no apparent puncture, just a round shaped bald spot scrapped of skin. This may or may not be attack related but I'd assume it is since its located on the bad leg side and its the side I saw in his mouth.

She's resting quietly in her crate in the coop. The other hens roost on the crate at night. She pecked a bit at her breakfast and caught a fly/ate it while I was checking on her this afternoon.

Being feistier makes me feel better. Hopping rather than using the leg to walk at all makes me feel worried. Guess its wait and see.
Is she in a lot of pain? If trying to get aspirin into her is stressing her, she may actually be hurting herself more trying to get away from you.
If you feel that she absolutely needs something for pain -you can make an aspirin solution for her to drink free choice - dissolve one 81mg aspirin in 1 quart of water. Sweeten with honey to make palatable. Make fresh plain water available as well - it's more important for her to stay hydrated and some chickens won't drink aspirin water.

If you photos or video that would be good.

It takes time for chickens to heal.
I use aspirin dissolved in water administered via dropper. I should have been more clear! I say I'm unsuccessful when she does not want it. I am successful when she will drink a few droppers worth at a time like she did today so well. I will definitely consider the honey additive.

It was during my inspection when I loosened my hands on her body to look a bit better when she tried to fly - I think it was a good reaction rather than one of pain BUT I totally agree less is more. And thank you for your post. I will get photos of her this evening but I try to only handle her once a day so will have to do video tomorrow. Thank you!!!
I haven't been able to get a video short enough to post. However, she is much better! She had some time in the covered run to herself yesterday while the flock free ranged in their larger pen, then today she got to spend some time in the coop with them out of her crate. She is standing and willingly limping further places, putting light weight on the bad leg. She is eating out of my hand, taking the aspirin water from dropper well. I'm feeling much more optimistic!
Thought I'd update this for the kind folks who responded during my crisis! Scarlet the hen recovered fully and no longer has a limp or any signs of injury. She does however seem to have slightly different coloring than the other Buffs now, with whitish feathers interspersed among the buff. I attribute that to the stress of the attack but maybe its something else and I'm just projecting. ;) Anyway, thanks everyone! She not only made it but runs and forages without issue!

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