Small eggs


May 30, 2018
1...My BO has been laying for about a month but the eggs are still very small. How long before she will lay larger eggs?
2...I have a Barnevelder that is the same age as the BO (37 wks) and still has not layed any eggs. Do they just take longer then most?
One month isn't really long enough for your pullet's eggs to start increasing in size. Breed can also be a factor on what size eggs they lay too. My australorp is 1.5 years of age and her eggs are still a medium size. Chickens that mature too quickly will probably always produce small eggs and are more prone to egg-bound or prolapsed vent. Light can play a major role in fast growing and becoming too overweight on the onset. Most people breed chickens to have certain characteristics such as heavy egg production or maturing at an earlier age but delaying maturity in chickens will probably result to bigger eggs but not having problems in the long run.
It took a couple months for mine to increase in size and it was so gradual that I didn't really notice. The only way I could tell is that one of my black sex links (the first to lay), lays smaller eggs than the others. Her eggs never really increased in size, but the others did.
I have 4BO, only 3 are laying "small" eggs but I've experienced this with my past layers. The size of the egg does get bigger as does the shade.


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