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    Aug 5, 2008
    Ok, so I have hens that have been laying for a good 6 mths in my coop. There are only 3 hens, a bantam hen and a rooster in this coop. They have been laying eggs fairly good all winter. We have even hatched babies from these hens. [​IMG] I have an ameraucana hen, Welsummer and a black copper Maran. Last week my maran layed a very small brown egg. Very cute. A little smaller than my bantams eggs. No big deal I thought. Just a wind egg and all is normal. It did have a yoke but it looked very different colored and not shaped correctly. Well two days later I found a small blue egg. Exact same size as the brown one. Same deal. Yoke shaped weird and coloring was weird of the white of the egg. So one chicken having one no big deal. But another one having one in a few days time makes me wonder. I have had chickens for 5 years and haven't had this happen. So am I missing something? Or is this just a coinkidink?


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    [​IMG]Not a clue - I had just the opposite occur. My girls have laid regularly for about 3 months and all of a sudden I get 2 HUGE eggs in a week. Not just a bit larger as will happen from time to time but absolutely huge; as in ouch that had to hurt! LOL
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    I've gotten all kinds of strange eggs. Tiny eggs, HUGE eggs, wrinkled eggs, eggs that look like they came from outer space. IMO- I really think its coincidence. If those eggs are the strangest you've seen, you're doing pretty good. I like finding those little teeny ones, they make the best pickled eggs!

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