Small Flock of Mixed Old English Game Bantams

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    May 28, 2009
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    Ok so you have seen the pics before - I thought they were seramas - as the eggs were sold to me as seramas but I closed the other listing because I found out they are mixed...
    (so I would guess oegb x serama - but please don't ripe me another one if I'm wrong - I'm still learning!!!) Just looking to pass along a little joy of a small flock to someone. I do know they are smaller than me true breed oegb's) I ran out of room for them but they are great birds...

    flock of 7 contains
    1x cockeral - crele old english bantam - 17 weeks old
    1x blue splash old english bantam - 17 weeks old
    2x pullets - 1x solid black & 1x black and white looking - 17 weeks old - very close to laying age

    2x cockerals - both are black with brown feathering -13 weeks old
    1x pullet - black with a slight tan feathering - 13 weeks old

    I am not sure of their final feathering since they are still changing.......

    pickup only please - can meet within reasonable distance...
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  2. oscar cardenas

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    Aug 9, 2010
    where did you get your chickens? they look very nice

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