Small Goat House Cleaning - how do you do it?

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    Apr 27, 2012
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    I will be building a goat shed for two dwarf goats. I was told that dog house size would work for each or at least a 4x4 for the two. I was thinking of making it 6x4 or maybe so. Do I need to make it as tall as me in order to go in to clean? I've seen small goat sheds and even old dog houses used as goat sheds but wonder how you clean them out.

    I can make it tall enough for me to walk into but hear that the smaller the better for heat in the winter. I plan to make a platform or bench for them to sleep on since I heard they like to sleep on top of things so it would be about 14"-18" off the floor.

    I'm not sure how wide or long to make the sleep bench let alone how high to place it off the ground so if anyone has built them I'd appreciate your thoughts.


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