small maggot in my chickens eye

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    Feb 23, 2014
    HELP!!!!. I am completely grossed out! My new Roo seemed to have a bit of a poofy eye... so I was doing eye drops. Ran out so today I switched to an antibiotic ointment. Well I had to pull his eye lid open wide to do ointment. .. and [gag] there seems to be a maggot embedded in the tissue under his lower eyelid. It is small, 8th of an inch or less... so I gave him ivermectine paste and safeguard... I don't know what else to do!
    My Roo is 4 mnths old and a cemani. Not sure of his weight. Eats well and otherwise healthy besides this little maggot sitting under his bottom eyelid.
    and since I have dosed him up with all these drugs the nasty thing is now peaking out over his bottom eyelid...
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    You are going to need to remove the maggot, first off, or it will begin to eat the tissue. There's no guarantee any of the treatments will kill it and even if it does die I can't imagine having a dead insect inside the bird's eyelid can do anything but worsen the existing swelling/infection. Keep treating with antibiotic ointment and check daily for more maggots. They can easily kill a bird if they multiply unchecked.
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    Feb 7, 2014
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    Can you rinse it out with some sterile saline? Or maybe take a q-tip dipped insaline (so it is soft) and gently wipe it out?

    Also it may be some sort of parasite and not a maggot.
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