Small Minin seven egg incubator

I don't know any thing about the incubator you linked. I do know for about the same money or cheaper - you can build your own. You can find a cheap Styrofoam cooler at resale shops for a couple bucks. Buy a lower hot water thermostat for $9 (find how to modify HWT to make it more sensitive for even temps on this site) OR for $25 get a easy to use Wafer thermostat designed for incubating, add a light fixture $2 and add a small computer fan $5 or free, a cheap thermometer and hygrometer and you are good to go. The wiring isn't hard and calibrating a thermometer and hygrometer can be found on this site and easy to do. It's a fun project and so rewarding to see eggs hatch in a incubator you made!

I've made 3 incubators and have had great hatch rates from all of them. If I can do it - anybody can!

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