Small numbers of meat chicks in the UK?


12 Years
Feb 2, 2007
Manchester - England
Well the title really says it all, I'm looking for small numbers (5-10) meat chicks in the UK - I've had a look around but can only find layers, even the pure heavy breeds are hard to get hold of and I'm really looking for something that will grow a little faster (though something in between the broiler house bird and pure breeds would be ideal)

Any ideas?
I can't belive I didn't think about picking up a magazine! Yeah, I know where to get some from - I'm too young obviously - caught up in the internet age, everyting available online! not always the best way to go - thanks grey, I'll go pick up a mag tomorrow and see what I can find!
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Well I am in the US, but my wife is from Teeside (and my mother Herefordshire). We get Practical Poulty and County Smallholding each month. It's great to get the view from the UK where Smallholding is a traditional way of life. Someday... someday we'll have that dream farm in the Yorkshire Moors. : )

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