small, prefab coop came in :)

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    I just wanted to share what I think is a pretty good deal. I found a small coop on (or With the current sale price and a 10% off coupon (sign up for their emails or google a code) it came out to right at $150.

    There is a pretty strong smell out of the packaging that we are hoping goes away after airing out. It's not made to last forever (ours had slight damage from shipping but it wasn't to bad so I probably won't even contact the company). The instructions aren't the greatest but it's a simple enough design and took myself and husband less than 20 minutes to put together. After letting it air out and before putting it out in the elements I might use a sealant of some sort. I would also suggest not putting it directly on the ground but that's just us.

    It states it's suitable for 2 regular chickens or 4 bantams. My husband and I think that it would be fine for 4 regular and 6 bantams if they have a pretty good run area or free range and aren't going to be 'locked up' a lot. I probably wouldn't feed/water them inside either way. Of course, our standard girls aren't as big as some breeds. [​IMG]

    Our plan is to use it for a brooder in the garage and then move it out to add to the run. If we decide to let anyone go broody or do any breeding I think it would work nice for that also. On a small scale, after pricing a number of coops, this is a pretty good deal.

    For quality, I would probably only give it 5/10 stars, but add in price, ease of putting together (minus lacking instructions), light weight, came to our door in 2 separate boxes, I would give it at least a 7 out of 10 for overall.

    *We are usually extremely handy people and would probably be able to build something but time has been an issue lately so this was perfect to avoid 'crunch time' when the new chicks come in and I didn't like how we kept them last time, it wasn't easy to get to them in the plastic pond we used.*

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