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Jul 14, 2021
we recently got a batch of 6 chicks and one was a rooster. we live in an area with a lot of people and although our neighbors haven’t complained we think he’s a problem. we put him in the shed every night which is currently a hassle for us and we need to relocate him to someone who can either manage puttign him in a crate every night OR lives in a area where rooster aren't such a problem.

- 5-6 month old silver sebright rooster
- very tiny but a cocky little man
- fairly timid and is difficult to catch if not perching/asleep
- does not peck or attack people nor other chickens (did try squaring up with our silkie who may be a rooster, but we don’t know who started it)
- he likes to crow a lot, definitively something he might do
- we’re located in the bay area so if you are in or near that area, it makes for easy pick up
- you would need to drive to us to pick him
- you can adopt him for free, no money needed
- no current health issues
- don’t know why this would be a problem but i’d advise against eating him, he has like a enough meat for a mcdonald’s 6pc
- gets along with his ladies nicely
- if there a tree or fence that he has easy access to, he will most certainly attempt to sleep on i- even the top of a coop
- his named is Marbles, short for marble cake. (we named all the chicks after deserts and luckily we named the rooster a gender neutral name!) although he is not attached to this name so on the off chance you would prefer to change it, it works.

we really need a home for him and if anyone is willing to take him, let me know.

here’s some pictures of him, he’s the black and white one small one


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