Small Tank 10~20ltr - Water Treament Methods - Help?

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    Hi from way down here...

    Its was a little hard to find "water treatment methods" in searching for threads - so I decided to start this thread, to see if this could help me and others in the future for Small Water Treatment supply issues.

    For me we use a 10ltr Plastic Paint Pail with drinking nipples attached. It needs a at least a clean out every 2weeks to stop the algae build up etc

    Q: What method could I using for water treatment that it would clean and prevent algae build up for a long enough period that the tank would not be needing to be scrubbed or cleaned for longer than 2weeks!? [​IMG]

    Thanks everyone.
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    The best way to prevent algae buildup is to keep the waterer out of the sun. Other than that, really, only having to scrub it every two weeks is really pretty decent. A lot of people have to do it once a week or more.

    I would not add chemicals to my waterer to prevent algae buildup, if that's what you're asking.
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    We put a piece of copper pipe in ours.
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