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  1. Blue Man Dan.

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    incubating for the first time so need a bit of advice. When i check the temp in my incubator (every 10 minutes or so) its always somewhere in between 37 and 38! I was thinking would it be a good idea to take the temperature every 5 minutes for an hour then work out an average, i know i should be aiming for the 37.5 mark?

    Also Humidity, its around the 35% - 40% mark, how does this sound? also how do fluctuations effect the growing chick?

    many thanks for your help!

  2. rebelcowboysnb

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    Im not real good at converting over. Your humidity is where I would have it. 2*F(1*C) fluctuation is not ideal but they should hatch fine. The egg wont be fluctuating that much.
  3. Blue Man Dan.

    Blue Man Dan. Out Of The Brooder

    I took 15 readings in an hour and got an average of 37.4 deg c, seems good to me [​IMG]
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