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  1. I felt like crying my eyes out when DD1 came home from school. She had a brand new backpack, 4 pairs of brand new shoes, nice hand me down clothes, and some school supplies. I got a note from her teacher saying that my sister in law told the teacher of our situation and the teacher has got together with her aids and started gathering up donations for DD1. DD1 never had brand new shoes or new clothes, at least not nice hands me downs (always had stain or tears in them, they never looked nice). She also explained that there is more coming for DS and DD2 and for the baby. She wanted to know if it was okay if she shows up at our house to drop off some baby supplies including car seat, bassenette, blankets, clothes, basically everything that is needed for the new baby.
    I want to find a way, a BIG way to thank her and the aids and all the parents that have given us this stuff. Anyone have any ideas of what we can do to show graditude for all this?
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    How sweet! I would think that a thank you card and maybe a pic of the kids would go a long way as a thank you.

    As someone who has been on both sides of that situation, I always appreciated any thank yous that were directed my way and as the receiver, it was always fun to come up with a neat card and a fun way for the kids to sign it. Handprints...kissy lips or something neat like that.

    Just do whatever feels right. I'm sure that they arent expecting anything at all.

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    That's wonderful! There is some good in the world. A handmade card (made out of posterboard so it is big) would be great, and maybe some homemade cookies or bread for the teacher's lounge. Just knowing you are very grateful is probably enough for them too.

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