Smallest egg ever, what the heck is this???


11 Years
May 6, 2008
South East MI

I have 2 year old chickens, varius large breeds and this is what I found today....what the heck? It may be just over an inch long and has some weight to it although I haven't opened it...yet. Any ideas why this would happen? Now I do have 5 very young pullets, not of laying age that have access to the nesting boxes but I've never even seen them enter this coop so I really don't think it came from one of them. Btw, they are only 10 to 12 weeks old.
Yep, that's what it looks like. don't get alarmed. nothing is wrong. I freaked out when i got one, but the hens kept on laying regular size eggs the next day or so.
Yea Sometime's they will lay super tiny.I had one once I think came from My serama hen but not sure no bigger than a robin's egg.I had to entertain the fact that it "might" hatch and put in my Sportsman but hubby was right it was not fertile.If you are incubating egg's I would put it in anyway Ya never know
Thanks for the replies. I was kind of worried, wondering if something was wrong with one of the girls. Not sure I understand what a fart egg is but I'm going to open it to see if there is a yolk or not. I'll let you know!!
Dwarf, Wind, Cock or Fart Eggs are eggs that do not contain a yolk. Usually belong to a hen on her first attempts a egg laying, before she is properly "geared" up.
Sometimes you get one of those mini eggs from standard and banties. The wind/fart/whatever eggs have no yolks but sometimes they do. Someone on here even hatched one! I'll find the thread and link you to it. It was quite a discussion
I got one of these a while back and then recently got a super sized double yolker from the same hen. Thought an emu had got in there!! She certainly made a lot of noise laying it!
My girls have been laying for weeks, I got none of the odd eggs I've heard people talk about, then I found several weird ones: A couple with no shell, some shaped differently, and a tiny one.
I thought it strange that they had been laying regularly before they laid the oddities.

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