Smallish Yard in an Urban Area - Predators?


May 3, 2020
We live in a fairly densely populated urban area with 6’ vinyl fences. Our entire lot including the house is just under a quarter of an acre. We set aside a good part of the yard for the chickens. My question is, do I need to worry a lot about predators? If so, how much and what kind? The coop itself is pretty impervious. My main concern is during the day. Are they ok to free range or should I have them in a run?


Crossing the Road
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Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
You will need to worry about predators, You likely have all the predators of your rural counterparts in your area. Odds are the foxes, coyotes and raccoons are habitual fence beaters because fencing is so prevalent. Red-tailed Hawks and Coopers Hawks will also be present. Additionally, the predators are likely used to humans so they will be willing to come in when you are present.

I had to live on a similar sized plot a decade or so ago without fencing. Red Fox about cleaned my free range Dominiques out. Same fox was making runs on neighbors with fencing like yours. I also had a Red-tailed Hawk come in that my wife ran off.

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