Smart Chickens Ruining My Fun!

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Jul 11, 2008
SW Michigan
Several weeks ago I built my girls a new perch in their run. It's built out of 2x4s and has 3 steps up to about 5ft. A couple times a week I give the crew (31 RIRs) 6-8 slices of bread along with their greens. They love the bread and while they're running around chasing and stealing the bread from one another, I'd put a couple slices flat on the perch
. I would take them an hour or so before they'd get around to get on the perch and BAM! Time delayed treats!

Anyway, I noticed my alpha rooster seemed to be giving me the eye when I'd slip the bread on the perch, but he'd go about his business. Tonight though, when I put the bread on the perch he started right off making that "deep" rooster cluck while staring up at the perch and sure enough, about three hens immediately sprang into action and grabbed my secret treats in like 2 seconds

I loved how suprised they would always look when the "WOW" I found a treat moments would occur. Guess I need to find a new hiding spot from my little Einsteins!

Just thought I'd share. Does anyone else "hide" snacks for their chooks or am I truly losing it


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Aug 19, 2008
Somerset, CA
LOL, no your're not alone! I usually give my girls a morning treat in their run, and then "hide" another treat inside their coop. A few of the girls have figured it out and don't even bother going out into the run.

Guess we need to be more devious?


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Feb 6, 2008
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* Haha!! I do, too! I used the phrase about myself whilst complaining that I hadn't had a title change since the April Fool's Day "Hack Attack". . . Next thing I knew, there is was!!!
Moral of the story-- Watch what you post to BYC. They may get you with it. May help if you are -- or act like, a red-headed step-child, too!!
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