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  1. Firegirl

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    Apr 26, 2011
    So due to weather and work issues our coop still isn't done. My two big girls are now about 14 weeks old and still inside (thank goodness for Neat Idea cubes we've reused them for so many things over the years) We try to make sure they get a chance to go outside for awhile every day. Some nights it's later than others. A few times it's getting to be dusk and we're still out. My girls will walk across the yard and up into the house and wander into their cage in the front room. The first time my DH thought it was a fluke but he got to see them do it again last night. I love how smart chickens are.
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    Sometimes they have a bright moment. [​IMG]
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    Haha!! I know... My birds always go in the coop on their own at night and my Pullet polish waited to be let in by the back door at night when we had her, but now that she is bit older she sleeps in the coop and goes in just like the big gals...

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