smart roos and guineas <g>.

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    Ok, I know "smart guinea" is a stretch, LOL.

    I sleep with my window open at night, because I hate air conditioning when I sleep. My two free range roos, and my guineas have discovered which window is mine - and in the morning, they get underneath and begin to make noise - a little at first, then if I don't respond (and come give them food) the guineas go off on a squawk fest, and the roos sometimes join in.

    I don't mind this, in fact, I think it's cute - unless they decide they need to eat WAY before I need to get out of bed, LOL. Even then, if I go to the window and tell them it isn't time yet, they'll usually walk away, eventually.

    Hubby isn't as pleased with their new trick though, LOL.

    This morning, after the routine, and it had quieted down, Attilla (one of the roos) came back to give one last squawk - just in case I'd changed my mind. I was laying in bed laughing so hard I almost shook hubby out onto the floor.

    Poor hubby - he puts up with so much from my chickens and me.

    Peace -
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    May 24, 2007
    That is hilarious! [​IMG] You should get a video of them by your window. Glad you have such a great hubby.

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