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  1. I have two EEs that have some issues i think....

    They are about 14wks old and I have been keeping them separate from my other chicks.

    Their breath and heads in general smell like a funky horse foot, (thrush?) a secondary symptom? should i try to treat it first as that? or sour crop? does that also smell bad?

    I have accepted the fact that they might have some serious health probs, but are eating good and acting ok. so I'd like to try to see what i can do for them.

    they have had aureomycin treatment a few weeks ago when i first got them....
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    Because they did have previous antibiotic treatment, there's also a chance that the antibiotic killed both bad AND good bacteria and indeed they do have a "thrushy" infection.
    Have you given any probiotics or yogurt? Either/or would be a great place to start to see if it'll replace the good bacteria they need.

    There are several threads about sour crop available on BYC via the Search tab above the thread.
    If they are eating and drinking regularly though, I doubt that's your problem.

    Also check for parasites on their heads and bodies. They can get secondary infections from infestation or skin conditions.

    HTH [​IMG]
  3. yes, i have given yogurt and acv but not the mother. should yogurt be a daily thing? or for what duration. what next?
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    I've given it daily to new chicks or when I notice that the hen's droppings change, but usually not longer than a week.
    I don't know how long you could do it on a more permanent basis. Maybe someone else will see these posts and give more insight.
    I give both my flocks yogurt 2 to 3 times weekly in cooked oatmeal. Usually 2 times in summer and 3 in winter, mixed with wheat bran.
    Sometimes I use cultured Bavarian buttermilk instead and they eat it as fast as I put it in there.

    Make sure your ACV is diluted in the water. You can also add garlic for antibacterial properties.
    I've never fed the ACV in anything, seems it would be too acidic.
    I do use the Bragg's version which does include the mother.
  5. yes, i dilute the acv in water...

    what next as far as medication options?

    i know i searched for this before....darn it. I get so sidetracked looking thru posts.
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    I wasn't online but a short bit this morning. I usually don't get on here til after 10pm.

    I looked also and didn't see any other posts about what you describe specifically but did find some on sour crop and what to do for it.

    Here is one that has good info. Gives more info on the ACV dosages and such.

    Hope this helps and sorry I'm not more help!
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    What were they being treated for before?
  8. my girlfriend gave me some aureomycin when i mentioned that they were sneezing a bit, and slight watery discharge at noses...sounding congested. but i am a newbie and bf said i overreact, but I have kept them under quarantine and in the house. he said it might've just been that i brought them in and the air is dryer...or such other circumstances, but i definately heard some breathing issues. not sure if i noticed the smelly head/breath before the antibiotics or what...

    was hoping it wasn't disease, CRD, or whichever and just environmental from old pen to here. they are eating fine, and seem ok, just occasionally i notice a cough or sneeze or wheeze. i did notice breathing noises at night.

    since i've been trying to read up i have more closely examined them, they seem thin definately a V not a U but they are only14wks and growing(?) and i noticed the smelly breath actually opened their mouths, and thought that they also needed a bath maybe....maybe it was the ALSO the head that was smelly...

    so that leads me back to maybe i should also consider something else going on that I have yet to learn about. Definately reminded me of horse hooves and thrush so I thought I'd better research that too.

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    Corzya can also cause a bad smell at the head/mouth area. They may not be fully recovered. Are they still having issues with breathing/sneezing, etc? How are the eyes?
  10. Quote:eyes are clear and bright, still some sneezes, one definately makes quiet respiratory noises, have to listen to notice, eating good drinking good, seem content doing bird things, social. no matter how i try to downplay it tho - doesnt mean they arent sick. plan on keeping them separate. but was hoping maybe i just treated the wrong thing. or havent finished treating whatever else is going on...maybe wrong meds for whatever this is?

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