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OK - we have had our ducks since May and boy they do grow fast. My DH built a wonderful coop and have an enclosed pen we read through alot of the posts and decided on the pine shavings inside the coop, but made the mistake of putting sod down for the pen. It was gone along with all the plants I thought I would put in for them within a week! So now it is raining quite a bit and all that is left is mud! We had a little bit of sand left from my children's sandbox so we did put some of that in but wondering if we put all sand in the pen if that will be ok for them should I put pea gravel over the sand? Also without using the DE will the LYME hurt the ducks or is it safe for them to control odor and flies? I want to be able to rinse the outside pen out when it gets too much feces but with the dirt it just turns to mud. I am hoping someone has come up with some great inexpensive ideas! The inside of the coop is doing ok the bugs seem to come mostly if the roof leaks and the bedding gets wet can I put the lyme in there too?

Also what are you doing with the leftover poop filled pine shavings?

Also what are you doing with the leftover poop filled pine shavings?

Composting it and then putting it in my garden beds​
Great to hear that you are composting it makes sense!! Anyone have any advice for my other questions DH is anxious to get the coop back to smell free zone.
Ok...I haven't done this, but there are people who just put down sand and then rake it. Kind of like a big kitty litter box. I think that would solve your mud issue. Plus, you already have it on hand. I say go for it!
i just raked out under the pen really well and added a ton of lime and raked again and added a ton of lime. then it started raining. hopefully the smell will go away lol

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