In the Brooder
Oct 5, 2016
I started with 3 hens 4 years ago. My daughter was in HS and was vegan. I worried about her getting enough protein and pleaded with her to eat eggs. She educated me on the egg industry, even those labeled as cage free, and free range. So, I asked if we got chickens and provided a happy and natural life for them, would she eat those eggs and she said yes. We live in Tx, in a golf club community suburb. Not sure chickens were acceptable in our neighborhood, so just kept quiet. 3 hens became 4 when we rescued a roughed up hen with dubious past. then 8 when we added 4 polish hens. One got broody and a hawk killed one of the original three, so we added 4 chicks. We let our immediate neighbors know. And offered them free eggs.
Its been a tremendous journey. I didn't realize how much personality they have. The have free run of the yard all day. Fortunately we have a very large yard. We built a big coop for them (14 x 16) for sleeping at night and on those very rare occasions when we need to contain them for a day (such as when fence work is being done).
We still have a strict HOA but its been four years without an incident. I wont type the number we currently have but it has grown exponentially.
Some know their names, and some like to jump in pour laps, but mostly they chase bugs, and sign their little songs.
That rescue hen is our alpha and has run off a hawk. She has also raised all of the others that we still have. We have Orpingtons, Ameracuana, EEs, RIRs, Jersey Giants, Marans, Wellsummers, and a few others. I have been reading threads here for 4 years and even posted, but never introduced myself until today. Thanks for this great resource!

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