Smoke Alarms ..they really DO save lives and homes!!!

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  1. [​IMG]I found out first hand today about the priceless value of having a smoke alarm!!! I had rushed in here to my office, in the back of my house, to get my camera to photograph a winter bird on my window sill........
    I had just turned on the stove to cook my morning eggs...and I admit...I got sidetracked on my PC when I came back in here ...and was BYC..but that is beside the point....[​IMG]
    Anyway...I was looking at post on the forum and this annoying noise was going on ...but I thought it was just my husbands stupid police scanner or maybe my new cell phone making a new sound, and I choose to ignore it, as I was reading a really interesting post....
    Finally the constant beeping was gettin on my I went in to check it out and frying pan was ablazin on the stove!!
    And, I , in my panic, grabbed it ...tossed it in the sink and ..DUH...turned on the water !! ....Just as the water hit the flames I remembered ...NEVER put water on a grease I grabbed a tea towel and swatted out the flames!
    Anyway ....all is well..but as I calmed down I realized how close I came to a major diseaster , had we not had the smoke alarms with the fresh batteries installed every DST !! ( daylight savings time )
    So the moral to this story is ....Please, please , anyone who doesnt have them ...please dont let a little 9v battery, cause you to loose your home or even worse, a precious life....
    All kidding aside...I thank God it was not any worse, then it could have been and just wanna share my story in hopes it helps someone else prevent a tragedy.
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    Are you sure the moral of the story isn't:

    When you hear incessent beeping, leave BYC and check it out...
  3. halo

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    Whoa, that must have been very scary! Thank goodness it turned out okay. Smoke Alarms are definitely worth while.
  4. congdon476

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    my thoughts exactly [​IMG]
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    Don't forget carbon monoxide detectors either. We have both in our house and thankfully, they have never gone off. Well, except for the time I caught the toaster in fire, but I was right there.

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