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{SmokeBand} /Owned by MH\

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by equinehugger3, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. equinehugger3

    equinehugger3 Crowing

    Apr 14, 2010
    Alright, it's semi-working! Yes, this thread says equinehugger3 next to it, but I do not own it. Our own miss heny does! This means that you PM HER with forms and such, not me. [​IMG]

    SmokeBand ~miss heny

    You awake in smoke, in a land blackened by fire. You look around. Where are you? A girl in a black dress with a gold crown runs over and leads you to a pool. "I am Mary, and welcome to SmokeBand. If you past our tests you shall be a member of SmokeBand and be given many riches." And your first test begun by walking over fire...

    If you past the test then you shall be given the power of lightning. Use it wisely or be kicked out of the herd, or killed. If you are kicked out and you been a member for thousands of years, then you would be come ashes, so beware!

    Lead mare and stallions are the only one in the herd that can become human. Unless a challenge could come forth against them, they will stay that way forever. If they lose the challenge the new lead stallion and mare shall be given the gift.

    Lead stallion~
    BYC Username:pekinduck<3er
    Horse's Name:Tiger
    Color:He is a Black and white Gypsy Vanner.But in Human Form he is a boy with brown hair and blue eyes(His hairstyle is like Justin Biebers Sorta).He is very attractive and is very strong and powerful.
    ***Marking, scars, etc:In horse form he has a White star on his forehead.
    Personality:Loyal,Trustworthy,Bold,and Cunning.
    Family Members:None
    Extra Info:He is very attractive in both forms and is a very powerful opponet!So beware,and he loves his mate and will fight to the death for her and his herd.
    **"Life Story":He has been in a very troubled life,fighting with many Stallions protecting mares.Everything you could imagine,except for the evil things.

    Lead mare~

    BYC Username: Miss Heny
    Horse's Name: Mary
    Gender: Female
    *Rank: Lead mare
    Color: Black like smoke
    ***Marking, scars, etc: a gold crown of leafs
    Personality: brave, and a strong ruler
    Family Members: dead
    Extra Info: dont get her mad
    **"Life Story":BYC Username: miss heny


    BYC Username: miss heny
    Horse's Name: Cleo
    Gender: female
    *Rank: mare
    Color: have pic
    ***Marking, scars, etc: blue eyes
    Personality: shy and sweet
    Family Members: none yet
    Extra Info: likes to follow the leading pair to gossip
    **"Life Story": joined them as a young foal she had grown into the group

    [​IMG] she was the first Lead mare and has been for thousands of years.
    Human form: long flowing black hair, her dress seems to change like fire to her moods. her eyes are charcoal black and she wears a crown of gold leafs.

    BYC Username: Zinnia-Hen
    Horse's Name: Avalon, or Ava.
    Gender: Female
    *Rank: Mare
    Color: A radiant, glossy black.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: Her body is strong, with a hint of femininity that all comes together as something beautiful. She has a long flowing mane of black and a well kept tail, with the bridge braided. Her forelock is wispy and often falls into her eyes while her face is marked with a thick white blaze going all the way down to her delicate pink nose. All four of her hooves are adorned with a white sock and light feathering. Avalon's neck is regally arched.
    Personality: Very vain and arrogant, takes a lot of time into her appearance and finds herself just as regal as the lead mare and stallion. Snobby, and very sassy if you get on her nerves.
    Family Members: None right now.
    Extra Info: Appears to be a Welsh Cob. A large breastplate of gold pendants is strung around her chest.
    **"Life Story": Avalon was born into royalty as a powerful princess, but kicked out once she was ruled to be too tyrant-like by the other royals.

    stallions but past harder test to join, so beware

    Horse's Name: John
    Gender: male
    *Rank: stallion
    Color: have pic
    ***Marking, scars, etc: a scare over his eye
    Personality: brave, smart, follow orders
    Family Members: dead
    Extra Info: nothing
    **"Life Story": joined smokeband about 100 years ago, he was a human but gave up that life to start a new one.


    BYC Username: equinehugger3
    Horse's Name: Lostrego
    Gender: Stallion
    *Rank: Average stallion.
    Color: Blue roan.
    ***Marking, scars, etc: He has a white bald face. [​IMG]
    Personality: Seems very submissive in order to stay in the band. Sly and quiet, but is kind to every mare in the band. Isn't afraid of a fight in the least.
    Family Members: Just the band.
    Extra Info: It's NOT easy to gain his full trust, so no one knows much about him.
    **"Life Story": No one knows.
    (Will edit later. [​IMG])

    they shall not have to past any test till they are 2 years and 6 months old
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  2. miss heny

    miss heny Genetic Expert in learning Premium Member

    ~The rules of the Band~ *being worked on!*

    1. never go off to see what the normal horses are doing unless you are given the okay by Mary or Tiger

    2. you cant use your powers on Normal horses, if you do the Lighting would only give them a bad hair day and the fire would do nothing.

    the story of smokeband *being worked on!*
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2011
  3. equinehugger3

    equinehugger3 Crowing

    Apr 14, 2010
  4. Um, so, like, how do we join . . . ? [​IMG]
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  6. OwlLover

    OwlLover Alaskan Wanderer

    Aug 25, 2011
    pekinduck<3er :


  7. Zinnia-Hen

    Zinnia-Hen Live &amp; Let Live

    Jan 29, 2011
    I think she's working on it. The SmokeBand sign up forms and more information are at the first post on SeaBand's thread.

  8. Quote:Thanks, Zin! [​IMG]
  9. equinehugger3

    equinehugger3 Crowing

    Apr 14, 2010
    Yeah, sorry about that. I tried to post it from my iPod, but it decided to be an idiot. [​IMG]
  10. Cool! It's up,thanks EH you the best! [​IMG]

    Tiger quietly patrolled the border of his territory,his ears perked for any detection of any rogue stallions or andything bad,like two-legs.
    He grazed quietly when patrolling,and his eyes were fixated on the ground as his mind was lost in thought.His black wavy mane that was silky,and blew in the slight breeze that went over the land.He let out a small nicker as he went back to reality,and smiled and went back to grazing.His bullet wound had healed now but left a scarmthat looked like a hole but was covered by his coat of skin.

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