Smokey has parvo

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Before any one jumps the gun, I want to let everyone know, that Smokey is up to date on shots. He is one of the very rare cases when the shots didnt work. (The vet told me that sometimes the shots given right at 6 weeks dont work becouse of something in the mothers milk)

    Smokey is my 4 month old chi puppy.

    Long Story Made Short:
    My husband's "Dad" and wife have 4 dogs, all of which ae/were sick. They claimed they took them to the vet and it came back that they didnt have parvo. Well beleiveing them, we went over there one night. The next day, my brother-in-law (who lives with us) took their 2 girls and their dog over to his dads. We were gone and didnt know they had planned on taking their dog with them out their. 1 of the dogs at my father-in-laws died and 3 others are sick.M y brother-in-law & his wife dont pick up after ther dog when it makes a mess in the house, so I have to pick up after him, but sometimes I get behinde on the cleaning up.
    2 nights ago, I noticed that Smokey was acting like himself, but he wasnt throwing up or anything. Well then yesterday morning, he started throwing up and had a foul smell to him, so we rushed him to the vet.
    The parvo test came back a very slight postive, so they kept him so he could be kept on ivs and stuff. We went and checked on him today and he looks slightly better. They are hoping he can come home tomorrow.
    And now my brother-in-law's puppy is sick as well, but they wont take him to the vet
    They say it cost too much, but Im sorry, Smokey is part of my family and I will spend all of what I have on him to get him better.
    I wish I could of known that they were going to take their dog with them, I would of stopped them. I feel like this is my fault.

    Please everyone keep Smokey in your thoughts.
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    First of fall, relieve yourself from any blame - there's no way you could have known.
    2nd, I have a healthy 8 month old that had a "slight positive" for parvo at 3 months old. I got him from a "box o' puppies" on a Sunday, took him for his 1st shots Monday, and he showed signs of illness (vomitting) on Wednesday, when he was diagnosed. IV fluids and antibiotics were given, and he snapped right out of it. (Whew). Catching it very early is the key, as parvo can be fatal in 80% of cases. It sucks that people have pets that they think aren't worth a dime to save. I'll never understand that. Oh, and my puppy's parvo test came back negative on that Monday. Glad the vet re-checked on Wed.!
  3. lil'turkeymama

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    May 14, 2010
    Sorry to hear that.You can't really beat yourself up about it.My dog,Red got parvo just a few days short of her first birthday.She had had all her shots,too.But she was abandoned at birth by her mom and so I had to raise 7 puppies myself.I did wrestle the mom down and despite being growled and snapped at,made her let them nurse some.I had to also add bottle feeding to make sure they got enough to eat.When the pups were 2 weeks old I quit forcing the mom and sent her back to her owner.The vet figured their immunity didn't get going right and my Red Dog was just unlucky.She stayed at the vet for 6 days.They said she would probably not make it.She had her first birthday at the vets a very very sick dog.Thanks to the good vet there she did make it and is now 6 years old.It cost me over $1200 and I'm still paying.I had to pay with a credit card and the intrest is crazy,I should pay it off later this year.I can understand someone not being able to afford vet bills.But if you can't afford at least don't let them suffer.Take it to the pound,tell a little white lie,I found this sick pup,they will usually put it down fast.Best of luck to you and Smokey.[​IMG]
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    Oct 11, 2010
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    A six-week shot almost NEVER works. Was that all that Smokey was given? We do parvo at eight and twelve, which has a very good success rate, but parvo is very, very scary to be sure. I am glad you caught it fast and hope Smokey comes through quickly and easily.
  5. K9Carrie

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    Dec 6, 2010
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    Sending you and Smokey a big hug and hopes for a fast recovery!!! [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. muddyhorse

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Bloomsdale, MO
    [​IMG] so sorry to hear about smokey

    please keep in mind that parvo can live on surfaces. bleach will kill it so will odo ban ( you can get it at home depo ) mop EVERY surface in the house. hopefully it is cold enough where you are to kill any of the virus in your yard. make sure all poo in the yard is cleaned up. you don't want a "visiting " dog to pick it up. ask your vet about disinfecting the couch and bedding. you don't want smokey re exposed to it.

    I feel very bad for your BILs dog parvo is a hard way to go [​IMG]
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    I'm very sorry about your pup, and your BIL's dog.

    Parvo can be tracked in on human shoes, feet, clothing, hands, other items, and dog's feet or hair, and it is not killed by exteme heat or freezing temperatures and the virus will live and linger for months and months, along with being shed for sometime by dogs that have had it. We vaccinated through 16 weeks old and then some because it's a guessing game of when it will take. Then it takes 2-4 weeks to begin to build immunity, so vaccinated dogs exposed during that time can become infected. Dogs are contagious before showing symptoms.

    My dogs were routinely vaccinated yet sadly we lost one to parvo (even with above and beyond heroic medical treatment) due to an underlying hidden medical issue that had depressed his immune system.

    Hoping for a full recovery for your pup. [​IMG]

    Parvo is a terrible way to go and I hope your BIL or someone will do the merciful thing.
  8. NewHopePoultry

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Thanks everyone
    Smokey had more then 1 set of shots, he's current & up to date on them all (for a 17 week old pup)
    We went and bought tons of bleach to clean the house with.
    Smokey never left our yard to go any where. He only went outside to go potty and then he came right back in.

    Im so mad at my BIL & them for the way they are with their dog. Ive already told them that if this dog doesnt make it, they aren not bringing another one into our home.
  9. danischi24

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    Aug 17, 2008
    I wouldn't bring Smokey home until you have dealt with your BIL's dog. You are saying that it lives in your house & has parvo so is spreading it all around inside your home. If you bring your puppy home before the dog is dealt with, one way or another, Smokey can get parvo again.
  10. NewHopePoultry

    NewHopePoultry Overrun With Chickens

    Apr 9, 2007
    My brother-in-laws dog passed away the other night
    Smokey came home yesterday. He is still very weak and not eating or drinking. He is still throwing up anything he eats, but its not as often or as much as before. If I walk away from him, he tries to follow me, but he cant walk very well yet. He has to stay under a heat lamp to stay warm. He gets meds every few hours.

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