Snack Time

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by edbama2, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. edbama2

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Slocomb, Alabama
    I have a hard time telling which snacks they like the best. Yesterday my pullets, cockerel and chicks had some room temperature corn on the cob. They all loved it and picked the cob clean. I have given them tomatoes, black sunflower seeds, canned corn, cream 40 peas, crickets, lima beans, and worms for the older ones. I have always been given a great show by all of them when it was snack time. I love their keep away game. They always see me right away when I walk in the yard, and I hear them making their own noises in anticipation of snack time. [​IMG]
  2. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    edbama2....I love the litle chorkles they make when they get treats. My Roos will call the girls over, and hand it to them! How neat is that!? Chickens are therapy!
  3. allen wranch

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    My birds love corn on the cob too.

    I would stay away from any canned vegetables. They usually have too much sodium in them.

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