Snacks for chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by congdon476, Jan 28, 2009.

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    At what age can you start offering veggies and fruits to a chicken's diet? Are they too young as chicks? If not- what are some good starters? There is no "grass" to be had out here right now, so think things that would be in the fridge.

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    I typically don't give much snack wise to chicks. Once they go out of the brooder they have access to grit and can handle more than chick starter.

    Any chicks raised by mom outside eat whatever she shows them and they do great, but they also have grit, small stones, and sand to help the crop grind those foods.

    Julie [​IMG]
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    Oh man, what a slippery slope treats are. I gave the 3 B's snacks as chicks, now they think "hey, there's the goodie guy". I started out with very small amounts of shredded cheese, and to this day, it's something they run for when that plastic zipper package is heard opening. Just remember cheese has salt and fat, so be sparing, but they'll love you for it [​IMG]
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    With mine I limited snacks until they were at least 10 weeks old. Now I give them more. I wanted them to get as much good starter as they could as young chicks.
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    I'm not certain myself what kind of snacks if any you should give your chickies. But I've been going out in my yard every few days or more and digging up small earth worms and they go absolutely nuts for em! Our property is pretty rural and there aren't any pesticides for me to worry about so I figured it'd be ok and they're still doing great, all real healthy and running around their box in the spare bedroom. [​IMG]

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