snacks for chicks?


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Mar 10, 2011
We got our chicks from a local feed store 1 week ago. I think they must've been a few days old when we got them because 2 are already getting pretty long feathers on their wings and beginning to grow whispy tail feathers. Is it OK to give them tiny bits of crumbled up toast? So far they've only had starter but I want to give them a little treat.


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I'd go with something mild, like bits of scrambled egg or bits of hard boiled egg. When you start to give hardier treats, make sure they have a little fine grit to help digest it.


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Feb 23, 2011
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I have the same question! Last night we cought a garden spider, and fed it to the chicks... they knew EXACTLY what to do with it! So funny watching the lucky girl pick it up and run around peeping as loud as she could, while the others chased her! Poor spider didn't last a milisecond! I hope that was ok! Also, I asked the guy at the feed store if I should be giving them grit, and he said they won't need it for a month or so.. but I want to start giving them grass and bugs, when is a good time to start that, and will I need grit? Any help will be great! Thanks!

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