snake people :) we got corn snakes! pics added pg 2


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Jun 20, 2009
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ok we have some adorable baby cornsnakes! so stinkin cute.. any who , we are feeding pinkies, how long do i leave them in with the pinkie? we seperated the 2 snakes, into their own tupper ware, one has eaten his, the other isnt interested. they are supposed to get fed every thursday...
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Leave him in there for about an hour. Also your one that has ate let him be in his tupperware for 45 mins or so to start digesting because if you move him to soon he could throw it back up.

Enjoy your new babies!!!
If they don't eat it within 5 minutes they are not hungry.... My big snakes will start crawling up the glass searching when they are hungry. My Corn ate live only and so do my Red Tail Boas..Are they frozen/thawed or live? I wouldn't worry if one does not eat...if you just got them, the new housing will have them aggravated. I would count myself lucky if any of my new snakes ate when I first got them home.

I've had some corn snakes that wont eat at all but most will start to eat after they get comfortable with you. Are they wild or captive breed wild snake need to be left in the wild
they are captive bred cornsnakes. we are feeding thawed pinkies
My 2 only ate live. And it took them 2 weeks to eat when i first brought them home. The only reason mine would stay in a container for an hour if they didnt eat it was because they would wait for it to move and squeak. If it didnt more or make noise when i first put it in my snake would watch it till it did to make sure it was live. They were very clever.
My corn REFUSED to eat frozen... She liked the hunt... I know you will hear the good and bad about feeding live... but if that's what she wanted to eat that's what she got. Then I got a Milk Snake and all it ate was frozen... So it's all what they are used to eating too...

they are supposed to be used to eating frozen. if there was a way to get live pinkies here we would. we will be feeding live as soon as they are big enough

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