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    I set a broody hen on April 15th and eggs began hatching this week so I have about ten new children. Went out to attend to my chickens this am and heard a commotion in the separate room where the new mama and her brood was. As I went in a black snake was speeding across the room with a bright yellow chick in its mouth. I began beating it with the feed scoop I had in my hand just as it was going under a piece of tin to escape. It Released the chick and I dealt with it according to its sins.

    The chick was fine and went back under his mama. The next time I looked it was down on its knees with wing tips together and beak pointed to heaven in an attitude of prayer.

    The last black snake that called was a nice seven footer that took two turns around my naked calf as I tried to kill it. I can still feel that thing on my leg!



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    Glad the baby is ok! Can we say America's funny videos?
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    Good for you would have killed it two or three times!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:*snicker* .. don't know WHY that makes me laugh ... hehe
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    glad that the baby was ok

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