SNAKES! Lost peachick and 3 keets


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May 2, 2007
Waxahachie, Texas
We bought 4 peachicks and 8 keets on Saturday. They've been doing great. We've also had a problem with snakes this summer. As of today, I think we've killed close to 20 rat snakes. All of them have been at least 5 feet long. I had placed the babies in our dogroom/chicken room off of our garage. It has house many chickens, even turkey poults, so I believed it to be safe. I housed the babies in a rubbermaid tub with a metal shelf (one of those utilitarian shelves). It was about 1/2" too narrow to completely cover the tub. But, I thought it would be okay. This morning I came in the room to find it moved and a peachick out of the tub. I looked in and saw a dead keet, 2 peachicks and 4 live keets. So, I had to find 1 peachick/3 keets. We had a lot of feed bags stored in there as well as some cages/tubs etc. I moved most of those out and then I saw the snake. I thought it was a rattlesnake, even though all of the snakes we've found have been rat snakes. Needless to say, it must have eaten the babies. I could find no sign of them anywhere in the room. So, I brought the rest into our bathroom and will raise them inside until we can makes sure that room is secure. It has a dog door on it that was damaged, but we had something in front of it, but there was apparently enough room for the snake to get in. That also means its possible one of the babies might have got out too, but I haven't seen any sign of it. Does anyone have a remedy to get rid of snakes that will not hurt chickens. We usually find them in the chicken house, or the yard. This was a little close because it means they could come in the house.


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May 2, 2010

Sorry for your loss. A 12 gauge works nicely on those snakes! But then only if you are around the same time they are though. Have you ever heard of a "Scat Mat"? You can buy them in pet supply stores. They give a static shock when they are touched, enough to even make a believer out of my very stubborn, 98lb., German Shepherd male. Place it in front of where the snake is coming in, if possible, out of the elements as I don't think they are waterproof, but may be wrong. He may try it twice, but I bet he'll start looking elsewhere for a meal after a couple of shocks. They are about 5' long x 2' wide, use batteries, and the nice thing is, they are portable. Worth a shot anyway. Good luck.



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Aug 14, 2009
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I too live on a ranch... and we have snakes.. but ever seince my birds came into play... we've never seen a snake... I know that my chickens kill rats... I felt bad for the rat belive it or not... the entire back of the rat was pecked and blood everywhere... I guess chickens are related to dinosaurs...

Best of luck on the Snake issue.
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Mar 9, 2010
Edelstein, IL
My cat and lawnmower have killed more snakes than I've ever noticed (just find bodies)- but all of the snakes in my area of Illinois are nonvenomous. If the snake is dumb enough to hang around for a cat with a collar and bell to find it, Darwins survival of the fittest is at play...

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