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In the new Hobby farms mag. I saw an ad for snaplock chicken coops, made out of plastic much like little tykes stuff. I was wondering if anyone has used or heard of using them? Website at this time is under "construction" and just one youtube video on it. I find it hard to believe that the website is down with an ad in a national magazine.
Heres a pic.


Seems to me,living in South carolina,these racoons would have no problem nawing thru that plastic.
If people are using old kids playhouses made out of the same material, I don't see why this wouldn't work. It's cute, but how safe would it be? I don't think raccoons would chew through that easily. Wood would be easier, would it not?

You would need to have the top locked down at night. I'm sure the raccoon could figure out how to get in that way.

I'm sure they are very expensive..
I dont know.Their website is closed due to maintenance and under construction.

Im feeling the building bug going on.Thinking I can make one out of recycled pallets.Hmmm.....*rubbing hand on mustache and beard.
From their Facebook page sounds like their going to be charging 450.00. Looking at the pictures they have on FB it looks pretty small. I don't think I'd be comfortable housing more than a couple birds in it.

I could build a pretty decent 4x8 coop for about the same amount of money, but I guess for those who can't build it might be a good place to start.
I think polyethylene is the perfect material to make a coop out of. It's completely unaffected by water, it never rots, it's unaffected by chemicals, and you never have to paint it. I'm sure a larger predator would be able to eventually chew through given enough time, but my 20 lb. dachsund has chewed her way through plywood before.
A lot of people, like me, have rubbermaid coops. Same kind of thing. Works well, and nothing has ever tried chewing through it. But for $450 I'd do the rubbermaid shed instead.


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