Sneaky Hamburg hen and Broody Mayhem

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    First of: I have a Silver-spangled Hamburg hen, Biddy, one of my favorites, in a flock of ~20 chickens of 10 breeds that free-range all day long. Now, according to all the stuff I've read, Hamburgs are considered non-setters. [​IMG]

    Well, about two months ago, Biddy went missing. Eventually we found her well hidden in a brier patch, sitting on 31 eggs! Silly chicken. We relocated her to a dog crate indoors, candled the eggs and left her the 6 that were actually developing.
    Then a week later, she suddenly decided that motherhood was not for her, left the crate and never looked back.

    Last week our Maran hen got taken by a fox when she stayed out over night. So, when the Hamburg hen didn't come home we searched the area with flashlights, but came up short. This morning we went back to searching in daylight, but nothing. But then she turned up in the yard for her breakfast. I saw where she'd come from: A "bamboo jungle" outside our fence! None of our chickens ever go over the fence! Sneaky. When she'd gone back, we tried to find her. It took my DH and me over an hour to get to her even though we knew roughly where she was. Even had to dismantle the wood stack. That was one determined hen! Any fox that would have gotten to her, would have deserved that meal! And she was sitting on 27 eggs!! [​IMG]

    Now the weird thing (apart from the fact that she obviously hasn't read the breed description...) is that we DID find her eggs in the nest. Just not every day. That sneaky chicken must have done the "one for show, one for the stack, one for show,...- thing to keep us in the dark.

    Why does everybody on this farm what to raise babies?? Right now we have 2 broody silkies, one Wyandotte with freshly hatched chicks, one Maran that got eaten because of sneaky broodiness and now that mad Hamburg? If this keeps on going, we won't have any breakfast eggs left! If any of you know of an "anti-broody deodorant" or something like that, please let me know! [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] Holy Shamoly that's alotta eggs!

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