Sneaky turkey hen laid an egg in THIS weather!


12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
I've been watching the hen act all sneaky for a week or two now like she's nesting, but I knew it was the wrong season, and today just before she went in her coop for the night (they free-range), she skittered away to peek under a distant shrub. She then went in the coop, and when I looked under the shrub, yup, there is one beautiful white turkey egg!

So, my question is, it would be insane to try to let her hatch a nest now, since it's October and it will be wayyy too cold for them, RIGHT? Temps are getting to be 65 in the day, and 40-45 at night, and will continue getting colder.

I typically trust my hen's instincts but I can't understand why she would even be trying to start a nest now! Anyone ever had eggs laid this late? Do turkeys in the wild lay this late?
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I wouldn't let her set at this point...if she goes on to lay a full clutch even.....since it is getting cold and all that.

As far as I know, wild turkeys typically just nest in the spring.
I have no idea what Turkeys in the wild do but my domestic Turkeys will lay the occasional egg in the fall & winter.
My beltsvilles lay more in the fall than they do in the spring...Royal palms lay 1 or 2 then they are done. If you have a tom with the hen there is no reason to believe that the eggs wouldn't be fertile, my turkeys eggs are fertile in the fall. I think I would break up her nest unless you want turkey poults durring the winter.

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