Sneeze. . . . maybe cough. . . .Still????


7 Years
Feb 22, 2012
Ok, I noticed a cough, sneeze, an eye bubble on one hen. Then my Roster could not crow an was congested, plus his cone had turned gray. . . .I started Duramycin-10 in their water for 4 days. No change. Then I switched to Tylan 50 orally for 5 days, my Roster started crowing again and a little color came back. . . . but my hen is the same???? What do I do now??? HELP PLEASE, mind you I have wormed, and treated for lice an mites thru out all of this.
I hate to say it, but that is exactly how my flock started showing symptoms. They had Infectious Larygnotracheitis, but there are other respiratory diseases with very similar symptoms.
O No, I read some of your post earlier today. . . .I am having chicks almost daily right now. Hens are sitting and hatching them, I check thru out the day. As soon as they are dry an fluffy I relocate them to the garage. What can I do?? I am going to re- read your post now. . . NOT READY FOR THIS. . .Any one with ideas, that might help, please. . .
And just another note, I added 6 new adults to my group of 7 Cochins ( I know now how wrong this is ) about 3+ months ago, the lil Rosecomb hen had this cough when we got her. . . . not knowing, we just thought she sounded different because she was a different breed. SO STUPID!!!! We have not lost a bird and I will go to any length to save them.

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