Sneezing baby chick

K Dahlia

In the Brooder
Mar 22, 2018
My 2 and 1/2 week old brahma chick started sneezing yesterday. I changed their bedding a day before so i thought it might be just the dust but she is doing it more today. She is still active. Eating and drinking.
What can i give her to treat this?
Hmm... That is a great question, this could be that she is cold, or she is molting, if there is anyone else who knows what too do, please let us know.
Sorry, she is two weeks old, she is not getting enough heat.
I am using a heat plate. All my other chicks are fine and she goes under it with them to sleep all the time. It is 85Degrees under it and the room is 70 degrees where i have them. What should i do?

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