Sneezing Bantam Pullet!

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    Jun 13, 2013
    I recently purchased three young bantam pullets from a breeder. They are all healthy looking and acting birds, but one of the pullets sneezes frequently. Anytime I visit their pen I hear the same pullet sneezing. Sometimes she has a clear, thin nasal discharge. I have heard the other two sneeze occasionally. I am worried that this could be a contagious respiratory disease. I put a chicken from my established flock in with them two weeks ago and she shows no signs of illness. Does this sound like symptoms of a respiratory disease or could it be just an allergy from something in the environment?
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    I'm thinking an allergy, it probably won't go away. One of my Buff Orpington pullets sneezes too, and shows no other signs of illness. She is alert and healthy, but sneezes periodically. I hope it's the same for your girl.
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    Ditto with one of my hens. It could be that they have built up immunity to a respiratory disease (viral) and that is the only symptom they show, or, as you say it could simply be an allergy. Guess you will know soon enough if you see the similar symptoms in the rest of your flock.

    Good luck

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