Sneezing chick now dead

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Help! We were given 4 hens by a friend and then 2 weeks later, we purchased 4 (2 month old) chicks to add to the flock. From the very beginning (July 5th) 1 of them was sneezing. Soon after another started sneezing. We were told to buy Duramycin-10 and give it to the chicks in their water, which we did for about 2 weeks. Everything seemed OK, but the chick started sneezing again -- she would often raise her beak and act as if she was trying to swallow. We started giving her the Duramycin-10 again, but it was too late and she died yesterday. Very sad day. Now, I'm worried that the 2nd chick will die also and am wondering if we are doing the right thing.(REALLY don't want to take them to a vet.) A little more history ... we were letting all of the chicks roam the fenced in yard and they were drinking from the same water as the hens, even though their water was available. When a hawk snagged one of the chicks, we immediately constructed a smaller fenced in area for them, so it was at that point (as of about a week ago) that the chicks haven't been sharing water with the hens, but I will occasionally hear one of the hens sneeze. They are in the same coop at night, though. Am I doing the right thing? Do I need to be giving the antibiotic to the now molting/non-egg-laying hens also? Should the 2nd chick be seperated from the others?
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    Apr 3, 2014
    Sorry for your loss! I hope all your chicks are healthy and happy now!

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