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Oct 8, 2018
So I just brought home a 2 year old EE. She was the last hen out of 16 from her old owner and apparently survived multiple predator attacks where the rest of her flock died. We brought her home a few days ago and she has been reluctant to move or peck around. She has had normal stools and ate ok the first day.. since then she is still not coming out of the ptsd like trance she is in and I started hearing her sneeze today. She seems to be extremely dazed and closes her eyes to sleep extremely often.. I picked her up to take her back inside and when I put her down she had really raspy breathing/cough for a couple minutes and then it went back to normal. She’s not breathing with her mouth open, no nasal or eye discharge, but seems to be eating and drinking very little now. What is going on???? I feel like for the way she is acting she should have a very noticeable upper respiratory infection. I’ve brought many chickens home before and I know the first couple days they can be very timid but something is definitely going on with her beyond that. I just don’t know what to do for her, any thoughts?


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It could be that the stress from the attack and moving to a new home has caused her to become ill. Some flocks may have an illness that most can fight off normally, but stress can bring about sickness. I would give her some Poultry NutriDrench, and make sure that she is drinking water. Offer some chopped egg or tuna, and try wetting a small bowl of chicken feed to tempt her to eat and drink. Check her for lice and mites on her skin around the vent and elsewhere. If she acts cold, she might need some extra warmth.

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