Sneezing Chickens, no other symptoms

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    On September 27 I bought three chickens at a local poultry swap. I quarantined them for 4 weeks, then moved their temporary "coop" next to my other chickens' coop. I kept them there for 2 weeks, and then moved them into the coop. The day after I moved them in with the flock, I came home to the youngest of the three birds sneezing, with a slightly runny nose, and laying on the run floor. When I stood her up, she easily fell back down. I removed her and started giving her Tylan 50, orally, along with some Nutridrench in her water. She was noticeably better the next day. Two days later another of the new birds showed slight sneezing, but no other symptoms. I brought her inside as well, and began an antibiotic course on her as well. There have been no other symptoms. Neither of them have at any point lost appetites, aren't drinking, are lethargic, etc. They are behaving normally. I do occasionally hear a small sneeze come out of them, maybe only a few times a day. At this point they have both been through a five day course of Tylan 50 but I have not put them back in with the flock. I was wondering if I should wait until the sneeze is entirely gone, or if I can put them back in. None of the others have shown any symptoms of anything at all, even the one that has been with them since they were purchased Should I continue the Tylan for a little longer?
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    I would guess that they got the illness from your flock.... so the ones you bought were disease free, your flock is carriers of something, and they infected the new arrivals.

    In other words, keeping them together should be fine.

    The only thing is if the new ones are so sick that they will be picked on or bullied, then separate.
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    Thank you for your response! I got thinking, and figured that was what the issue probably was. I ended up keeping them away from the flock for another day, until I heard no more sneezing. Put them back in and all is well...nobody else is sick! Yay. I am not too concerned with my flock being carriers of something, at this point, as I'm at my limit of birds, and will not be selling any, or otherwise removing any from the flock. When these are gone I will do a thorough cleaning before I bring in any others. Thanks again!
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    :) i am glad it worked out!

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