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    I have 9 young chickens and since winter is here, they've been confined in their coop for about two weeks until this week when the snow melted and temperatures rose. However, during the confinement (we tried to get them to walk around in the snow and get out once and while but they were having none of it) our rooster, Red, developed a sneeze. Then, about a week later, our little white brahma started sneezing, and now about half the girls are sneezing in the period of two days. Right before the big snow storm that kept them confined, they had ran outside in the rain one day and got wet (my mom thinks this could have caused it). I also know it was dusty in the coop during their confinement because of pine shavings so I'm just hoping it has to do with the dust. We're working on getting the dust down for them and we're hoping it's just sneezing from that. We also bought some VetRX and we're going to administer this to them tomorrow. We're also keeping their coop warm and they are getting plenty of water and lots of good, healthy food (even alfalfa hay). I've heard putting electrolytes in the water can help also. We're going to put vitamins in their water too.

    There is no visible discharge on our chickens. Their eyes are bright and fine, their nostrils are ok from what I've seen, and they are running around like normal and eating a lot. There's no bubbling or crusting around their eyes or nostrils either. Their poops are normal and perfectly fine as always. Our rooster is letting out weak crows and he seems like he is wheezing a bit but there is no discharge? It's been about two weeks of this. I'm wondering what's happening. I really hope it's not extremely serious (I'm upset, to say the least because I've been reading about horrific things it could be).
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    I would make sure that your coop has good high up ventilation overhead, with no direct drafts of cold air. Keep the bedding stirred and dry, and replace with clean pine shavings as needed. Dust in the coop or feed, or mold can be a cause of sneezing. Infectious bronchitis is a common respiratory that causes mostly sneezing, and travels through the flock quickly. Since IB is a virus, antibiotics are not usually necessary. Your rooster might benefit from Tylan 50 injectable if he has developed a secondary infection. Let me know if you need dosage, but let me know his age or weight. Here is a good link to read about the most common respiratory diseases such as IB and mycoplasma (MG):

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