Sneezing Chicks


8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
Bay City, TX
I've been hearing the occasional sneeze from the brooder. I sat and watched them for a while, and no one sneezed. So I began pulling them out and carrying them around with me to see who the culprit was. They all seem to do it from time to time. They're a week old and on pine shavings with adequate heat water and food. The food is medicated manna pro.
So, what gives? What do I do? They all seem perfectly happy and healthy otherwise. And the sneezing is very occasional. Once or twice an hour if they aren't sleeping.
IMO, occasional sneezing in the absence of other symptoms is nothing to worry about. Brooders are dusty places and just like human babies, a chick will sometimes sneeze to clear their nares.

My DH has a trick, learned in the commercial houses, to identify a problem with a sneezer. When you hear a sneeze, let out a high pitched whistle. The chicks will (usually) all turn to you, allowing you to look at their faces and check for drainage.
Thanks! Good to know.

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