Sneezing hens. Administering antibiotics

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    My hens usually don't get sick, but 2 weeks ago one started sneezing and hasn't stopped yet, then yesterday I heard another one start sneezing as well. This is uncommon for my flock. The sneezes were frequent.

    I travel a lot for work and don't have time to hand feed each of them some magical herbal suppliment several times a day or do a water-soluble antibiotic every day.
    I know there are injections of antibiotics that lots of people use and I'd like to go that route (yes, I know I'll have to toss my eggs for a couple weeks afterwards.)

    I'm curious of:

    1. Where to get such a vaccination. Can I order it online? If so, where?
    2. Where to administer the shot on the actual hen
    3. Will this be a one-time-deal or will I have to administer several doses over the course of the week?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Molds, dry dusty feed/bedding and respiratory illness are some of the more common causes of sneezing.

    Is the sneezing accompanied by runny eyes or mucous from the nostrils?

    You are asking about 2 separate things - antibiotics and vaccines.
    Sneezing in and of itself - personally, I would not treat unless a bird did this several times a minute and the sneezing prohibited the bird from eating/drinking and it was acting sick.

    That said, certain respiratory illnesses do respond to antibiotics like Tylan50, but the medicine would need to be administered to each bird several times a day. If you have a vet that can assist you that would be best since they can prescribe an antibiotic that goes in the water each day. I do not know of an antibiotic that would be administered just one time/one dosage.

    If you are wanting a vaccine - you will need to have some testing performed to even know what is the cause of the sneezing. Your Texas state lab system should be able to give you more info about testing and vaccinations.

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