Sneezing.. how likely will I loose the whole flock? Update.. symptoms

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  1. Update 11/10
    He's bee isolated since the 6th and I took him off the abx that same day per the suggestion of the second post.. He has a runny nose, is still sneezing and sometimes gags..His beek gets crusty and I removed the residue this morning. Could def see the runny nose then too.. inside the nostrils..

    Should I put him out of his misery or will he recover?
    He is chirping and get active if we approach.. Otherwise he sits there

    Also, when can I feel a bit safer about the rest of the flock not catching this.. so far they are all symptom free...

    >> orig post

    Well.. I knew my chicken addiction would come back to bite me someday and it seems to have done so

    I picked up 3 EE chicks that are about 7 or 8 weeks old last week, along with a nearly mature Silkie and a mature EE Hen. It was from a small, backyard flock of pets that the owner had listed on our local Craigslist.

    All the chickens, and there were at least a dozen, were healthy looking, clean, active and alert. The pen was very clean, as was their housing area. I felt pretty good about the whole deal.

    I get them all home, everything seems fine. Few days ago, I moved the group to the coop (after having observed them a while.. thinking all was well)

    The mature Hen is mingling with my flock, the silkie and the younger ones have their own fenced off section with a tiny door.. allowing them to explore when mine are all out in the yard but offering an escape option from the bigger hens.

    Everything seemed fine. No fights, no pecking....

    yesterday one of the younger EEs, a white (and I think male [​IMG]) sneezed when I was tending the chickens.. and a few minutes later again.. and then a few minutes later again..

    hrm... He looks fine.. Today I decide that sneezing isn't normal and bring him inside. He is in his own cage.. but in the same room as my brooder (which has chicks).. and he is still sneezing.. every few minutes..

    I'm waiting for him to poop, so I can see what that looks like.. There doesn't seem to be any discharge before or after a sneeze. Eyes are bright and clear, bird is active and does not look ill. Respiration rate might be high but I am not sure.. how rapid is normal? No rattling sounds in chest..

    Poop Update: well formed. White and grey and quite chicken looking..

    My questions...

    1. How likely is the whole flock going to get whatever this is.. as I assume it isn't good..
    2. If she/he is in the same room as other chickens but in a seperate enclosure, will it spread?
    3. I've put abx and vitamins in the water.. some packet of abx from the feed store.. yellow powder.. Might it help?

    A vet isn't an option....
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    Sneezing may be nothing. Mine sneeze from time to time, especially when they eat too fast. Your problem now is that you've put antibiotics in the water and it will mask symptoms you WANT to come to the surface. You are treating it blind. The best thing to do is keep it separate and observe it, not treat it. THEN, if it shows other symptoms, you must decide to cull or treat.
  3. Posted an update in the OP..

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