Sneezing Pekin/cochin


7 Years
Apr 29, 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hey all,

i am new to raising chickens and got 4 pekin/cochin bantams. In the last week or two one of the girls has started sneezing a bit more then the others. They are 12 weeks old and all are active, poop looks normal and her eyes are clean and clear, there is no mucous around her nose. They are all active and feeding regularly.

The others will occasionally sneeze when they are mud bathing or eating dry food, but the one girl just does it a bit more often. I have called the breeder who supplied them and he recommended teramycin, and said that during the change to winter(here) it can be quite harsh on the birds. (it gets very dry and dusty)

Is using this the right way to go? If so should i get it as soon as possible, i can only go to the breeder in about 2 weeks, but if i need to go sooner then i am sure i could get some locally.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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