sneezing, wheezing, gurgling NAtural remedies???

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    Nov 29, 2008
    I am reposting this under different heading....
    So No place around here sells Vt RX. I don't really want to do antibiotics but I was resigned and went to the feed store. The 2 antibiotics they sell specificly say do not give to layers??? Even the feed guy said maybe I should wait and talk to the vet.
    I can't get any vet around here to look at the chicks. I found one an hour away that can see a few of them but not till wed and it will be pricey.
    So till then I am trying natural remedies!!??? Someone said add silver to there water? It's a antibacteriel. And maybe a blueberry treat for the antioxidants. And also electrolytes. Any other thoughts?

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