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Feb 17, 2011
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Ok, this is day 3 of one of my Barred Rocks being in chick quarantine. I started to observe her sneezing one night. Later again I heard her, and only her, sneeze a few more times. No liquid, no goo...just a tiny sneeze. When you hold her up and look at her you can also see that she is just barely cracking her beak open as if she's breathing through her mouth. Not a full beak open pant, its so subtle you have to hold her up directly in front of your eyes and look straight across to see it.

But otherwise she is totally fine. Eats and drinks lots, lots of normal poop. She's the most social and friendly of them all and will hop right into my hand and begins trying to come up my arm. I would hate to loose her.

Anyone ever deal with this? How long should I wait to return her?

(UPDATE) 3/2/11 9:56PM EST

Just went in to check on the chicks. I returned this little girl back to her brooder with the other chicks this morning. She is eating, drinking, and so happy to be back with the others. Anyway, just now I went to check and she always comes right up to greet me. I picked her up and noticed she had a small bit of dried blood coming out of her nostril. So small I couldn't even get a picture. What could this be? I returned her to the 'hospital' until I find out.
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I haven't heard her sneeze at all today, and she is perfectly warm. So much so that I've had to move her hospital away from the brooder light twice today since its been so warm. They get a lot of direct sunlight in that room. I did start giving her sugar in her water after the first day, although she never seemed sick. Just the sneezing. Wouldn't she have gotten worse at this point?
i've had chicks sneeze because of dust. not sickness. try vaccuming up the dust around the chick area. chicks are very dusty. if there's discharge, then i would get worried. if not & they're just sneezing its probably dust.
She hasn't sneezed today, she has the same aspen bedding in her chick prison. But I did observe her sneeze the first two days she was in there. Perhaps she was just adjusting to the dust, and now she has?

What about the beak slightly open part? I just want to be sure before I add her back in with the other 11 you know?

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