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    Nov 20, 2008
    hai! im new.. ive been poking around your site for info for a good while now, and i finally had a problem i couldnt fix with just reading. ive searched 'sneezy chickens' and gotten a wide range of ideas to the problem, but of course nobody has had my exact symptoms.. so i figured id join and ask!

    i had a hen and rooster that are about a year old, and two silkies that have to be about 4 mo old.. i saw the cutest polish and rhode island hens at a feedstore one day and brought them home. a few days later i noticed the red was sneezy, i went to the feed store and they told me to give them these vitamins in their water.. i did that for about a week and shes not AS snotty, but now my rooster has caught it.

    he doesnt sneeze really, but when he cock-a-doodles its so sick and pathetic sounding (kinda nice when im taking my nap now though, lol) but i feel really bad for him. the other hen seems fine, as do the rest of the group. i picked up a silkie today and she looks like she had dried snot around her nose, but shes not sneezing.

    after searching the forums ive now smelled all of their noses and held my ear to all of their chests and held their mouths opened and listened and bla bla bla.. they all smell fine, nobody has raspy breathing, only the red has a drippy nose, the rooster's poop is really runny, sometimes, but other times not.. everyone else's seems to be ok. ummmmmm.... its been kinda cold, but if its been below 40 we bring them all in. the only other thing ive noticed is the roo's comb is starting to get black around the edges. the original hen's comb has always been kinda spotty and floppy, but his has always been bright red and strong, now its starting to droop.. hes a really handsome bird and i hate anything to happen to him.. i was about to order some tylan to give them since none of the feed stores carry it, but i was also toying with the idea of giving them some ivermectin since theyve never been treated for worms or anything. but i didnt want to do one or the other or both at the same time and it be bad for them.

    sorry so long.. i just wanted to be kinda thorough from the start.. i could add pix if needed.. any advice?

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