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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by farmgirl77, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Sep 10, 2009
    My 7-week-old BR got his/her snood pecked off by (I think) one of my chickens. The turkeys keep sticking their silly heads through the fence into my chickens' run and getting pecked. Now one is missing its snood. I put a board up so they stop and put antibacterial stuff (not pain reliever kind) on its cleaned up face. Will it ever have a snood? Not a huge deal, but upsetting anyway. hate to keep calling it "it" but I don't know the sex. Can you usually tell by this age?
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    Honestly I don't know but I am sure someone here knows at least you saw the issue with the silly Turkey and fixed it -
    Hopefully someone answers cause I would like to know if it grows back and what age you can tell of it's a he or she [​IMG]
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    One of my BR's had her snood mysteriously disappear several weeks ago. I think one of the others bit it off. She is doing fine without it.

    Mine are two weeks older than yours. I am seeing differences between the sexes now. The males have bigger and redder wattles. They are bigger overall. The girls look slightly more delicate. On the strip of feathers running down the middle of the back are new feathers coming in. The boys have more black striping on those feathers and the girls have white.

    At least I think I have them all figured out... Time will tell.

    The one closer to the camera is male, the one behind is female (I think).

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    I don't do turkeys...yet...but what's a snood?
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    Snood is the long thing-a-ma-jig above the nostrils [​IMG]
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    At 7 weeks for some types of turkeys it kind of hard, Usually at around 15 weeks it's a lot easier to tell for a heritage type turkey. At this age the size of there feet and legs is usually the easier. Males usually have larger feet and thicker legs at this age, but it's still kind of hard to tell for some.

    At this age there is a few clues, but when they start to loose the down on top of there heads is about the time the male and female start to look different. The males feet and legs usually appear larger then females. The males snoods will start to get thicker the female will be small and more dainty. The males carnuckles will start to show sooner then a females. As they get older the females will have a strip of small feathers down the top of there head, Males will not but this is kind of one thing not to use until they get older.

    They will be fine with out the snood, Last year we had one female got here foot caught in some wire i didn't get removed from there pen, the rest of the turkeys tried to get here free. As a results of that she lost here snood.

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    Quote:That I understood! Thanks!

    ETA - Bleenie, thanks for the pic too!
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    Missing the snood doesn't make a difference in the turkey at all. No sadly, its not going to grow back. But in a hen, you really won't even notice its missing because hens don't really 'use' theirs so to speak, or change in size. In a male, it may be a little more noticeable. When they are strutting and when it usually extends, the place it use to be will kinda loosen as if it was there, almost like a really tiny snood is there but not a full one. Also in a male, since their heads change colors, the place it use to be will be blue in color while the rest of his head is red. My market/show turkey for fair had his bitten off, and there in no change in attitude, male dominance among the other toms or show preference. So if you were to show him/her in a breed class there will not be any points taken off for his/her missing snood.
    Hope this helps [​IMG]

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