Snoring Chickens?

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    Okay....Maybe I am ignorant and in all the 25 years I have kept chickens I have somehow overlooked thier ability to snore. My DH and I were shutting up the pens on the free-rangers when I suddenly heard the distinct sound of snoring coming from right next to me! I shooshed my husband and sure enough...Someone was snoring the way people do when they imitate snoring sounds. So I lift the lid to the d'Uccle house and peer in with my flashlight, and right in front of me a roo is still asleep and SNORING! I swear it! Anyone else have snoring chickens?
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    everytime I heard a chicken snores my first thought will be infectious respiratory problem........
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    HAhaha Thats pretty cool!
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    I have 2 that snore like Big Bird lol

    Several others mutter in their sleep...its very funny to listen to!

    As for the URV, I havenot noticed any signs of it whatsoever. They are bright eyed and perky and happy birds. They dont make the zzzzzzzzzz snores, or wheezing. Its just talking in their sleep...they sound almost like they are hatchlings again...peep peep chirp lol
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    I was pretty surprised when I heard it for the first time too, haha. [​IMG] It's so cute when they do that! [​IMG]
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    I also thought of respiratory disease, but next day I checked him (and the others) over and they look okay. I looked in thier mouths & throats too. Thing is I think it really is just snoring, it's an even "sawing logs" kind of sound as opposed to a gurgling or struggling to get air/gasping sounds. Thats why it was so shocking, it sounded alomst like when bugs bunny pretends to be asleep but without the whistling part. lol

    By the way, the one snoring is the bird pictured in my avatar.
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